Communicating with Your Teen - Example

A 'Parenting by  Text'  text uses effective communication techniques to help you resolve conflicts. All without being exposed to the eye rolling and heavy sighing most common in these situations.

Using these methods allows you to create seemingly simple texts like the one below that appeal to and motivate your teen to follow advice.


Son's room is a disaster. There are clothes, bags, sports equipment, etc, all over the floor. So much so, that you can't even get access to change the bed or open a window without stepping on these items.
Any time the subject of cleaning the room is raised, your son gets defensive, grunts and walks away in a huff.  The last time he was asked to clean his room, he angrily said, "It's MY room. I can do whatever I want with it!!!"

Parenting by Text  text...
Hi son.  For you to have control over your room and for me to walk in without crushing things, I need you to clear a pathway to all parts of your room. Thanks.